College of Musical Arts

Sidra Lawrence

Instructor (ethnomusicology)
Director of Afro-Carribean Ensemble
2146 Moore Musical Arts Center
Sidra Lawrence

Sidra Lawrence received a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters degree in Music with an emphasis in ethnomusicology from Bowling Green State University. Her dissertation, “It’s just this animal called culture: Regulatory Codes and Resistant Action among Dagara Female Musicians” focused on the ways that Dagara women challenge restrictive structures through musical performance. Her dissertation was based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Ghana’s Upper West Region from 2008-2010, and was supported by a Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Dissertation Fellowship. Her research interests involve the intersections of performance studies, postcolonial feminism and African studies. Specifically she discusses how the African female body is both a site of regulation and resistance. She is interested in how women use the performing body as a space of social critique and as a vehicle for re-writing gendered narratives. She has presented her work at several national and international conferences including, the Society for Ethnomusicology, National Women’s Studies Association, Netherlands Association for Gender Studies and Feminist Anthropology, and the University of Ghana’s conference on Intercultural Approaches in Higher Music Education.  Her research has been published in the African Music Journal; she has review articles in the African Music Journal and the Latin American Studies Review. She currently directs Bowling Green State University’s Afro-Caribbean Ensemble.